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Riku Eskelinen


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My name is Riku and I'm the founder of 002 Production. The story behind this company is told shortly below.

Beginning of 2020 I got the idea that I could put up my own company and start doing different jobs through that. I already had done some videos and photoshoots. I'm also been part of the production crew on the Street Hockey tour. I like working with different kinds of jobs besides my studies and the company makes that little easier for both me and the company that I work with.


In May when I turned 18 I started making the dream of my own company come to reality. I was a little worried about Covid-19 and how that would make starting more difficult. At the end of 2020, I saw that I was doing just all right and my income was better than I could ever imagine. 

Little about myself:

I'm 18 years old and I'm finishing my studies in upper secondary school.

I have learned my skills my self and learning never stops so I still every day learn something useful. 

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